Did you know you can go to physical therapy without a MD prescription?

That is correct, as of November 1, 2014 patient now have Direct Access to Physical Therapy Services in the state of Oklahoma.

What is Direct Access?

Direct access allows you to be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist without a prescriptions from the doctor.

Will my insurance cover Direct Access?

Currently some insurances will cover Direct Access based on the type of insurance and plan you have.  If you are unsure of your benefits, our team will verify with your insurance company prior to your scheduled visit.  In addition, please contact us for our cash based fee schedule.

How can Direct Access help me?

The most important change is that you can get help right away for your pain or limitations.  No longer do you have to go to the doctor first to be referred to physical therapy.  Early assessment and intervention can help improve your recovery and outcome in a timely manner.  In addition it can help limit the cost of healthcare by eliminating unnecessary appointments and help get you the treatment you need.

What if I need further diagnostics and testing?

After our evaluation and assessment, if we feel further x-rays, MRI's, surgical consults etc. our team will direct and guide you to the appropriate medical physicians to get you the best care needed.  We are NOT trying to replace physicians, we will work closely with them to get you the proper care.  In the end the priority is your health and overall care, we will use our expertise to get you what you need to help you get better!  Contact us now to get started!