Function Physical Therapy strives to be the industry leader and community resource for orthopedic physical therapy and sports medicine.  Our specialized approach and expertise utilizes a combination of manual therapy skills in conjunction with our expertise in functional movement screening and assessment, movement restoration and applied functional science.  “Traditional” rehab can feel standard and protocol driven, the same treatment for each person based on their diagnosis with a focus on symptoms not causes of pain.  This approach doesn’t take into consideration how poor quality and dysfunctional movement can lead to compensations that can lead to injuries, and it assumes everyone is the same.  Our approach offers an alternative to the “traditional” approach to rehabilitation by utilizing a true functional and global approach to your rehabilitation, by treating your body as a whole not as individual segments.  Every body part has an effect on the body as a whole, working like a big chain reaction from the ground up.  In addition we recognize everyone has their own unique qualities and responses to treatment for each diagnosis.

We are the only alternative to challenge the  “conventional” means of treatment being offered in the area.  Our vision is to leave a footprint in the community using our specialized knowledge and understanding of orthopedic rehabilitation, movement restoration, injury prevention and sports performance with an approach that is not offered by anybody else.  

By assessing how the body moves in patterns and our understanding of biomechanics of the body, we can identify root causes of pain and dysfunctional movement, not just symptoms.  The ability to recognize and understand the importance of movement quality is essential in identifying asymmetries, imbalances and limitations, which can lead to injury prevention, full rehabilitation and peak performance.  Most importantly, we can educate, rehabilitate and empower people in their recovery towards functional and athletic goals like no other in an environment that is open, friendly, and family-oriented with endless encouragement and support for your individual needs on your journey to meet your maximum potential.