“Very knowledgeable, friendly, & positive! Highly recommend “

Judy S.


“Amazing staff and treatments were on point. I highly recommend them! “

Preston M.


“Finished my first half marathon strong and painless thanks to Function Physical Therapy! He magically worked away years of pain from my hip to my foot! “

Karen M.


“Function Physical Therapy helped tremendously with my hamstring issues while I was training for a half marathon. The work they do made such a difference in my running, even after just the first visit. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! “

Amanda W.


“So very glad my doctor’s office recommended Function Physical Therapy after a broken elbow and subsequent rotator cuff surgery. I received EXCELLENT care and the attention to an individual patient’s situation by the entire team is terrific. Although I hope to never need PT again, I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else but Function Physical Therapy.”

Andra L.


” One of the kindest, most knowledgeable care providers I have ever received treatment from, and so generous with his time and accessibility. I learned so much and felt like a partner in my care, not a patient! Now a day without pain, a day moving how I want to, no longer seems impossible! So hopeful, so grateful! “

Dianne L.


“I came to Function Physical Therapy at the end of August unable to run because of an IT band injury. I had a 100-mile run planned for the middle of October and really didn’t think it was going to happen. This was my first real injury and they put me at ease

Griffin R.


” The physical therapists at Function Physical Therapy do an amazing job. I have been there for several injuries and they all had the same great results. They take the time to explain the exercises and their purpose. All of the care is provided by the physical therapist. Class Act. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone needing physical therapy!! “

Dennis R.


“I have been dealing with knee pain for over 15 years. Function Physical Therapy was very patient and meticulous in determining where my pain was coming from. My goal was to function on a daily basis without pain, but their goal was to get me far past that.

Erin J.


“I had been suffering with a hip/glute injury from running, for a few months. With only 6 weeks until the start of my 1/2 Marathon training, Function Physical Therapy got me back and running pain free for the first time in several months. I’ve never needed

Nickie D.


“Function Physical Therapy is truly exceptional. I’ve suffered with chronic hip and low back pain for years. Function Physical Therapy was the first to properly diagnose the cause of my problem rather than just treat symptoms.

Jessica L.


“I have Achilles tendinosis in both feet, wore a boot with no improvement for 4 months, and finally went to a foot and ankle surgeon. She recommended I try physical therapy. I could barely walk when I first went to Function Physical Therapy, now my gait is normal

Peggy C.


“In February I got tendonitis in my elbow. I had seen my pop, tried massage, and various treatments I had seen online. I was even told that tendonitis is like arthritis. Sometimes it’s better and sometimes it’s worse. But you just learn to live with it.

Becky S.


“I don’t have much experience with PT as a whole. However, I do highly recommend Function Physical Therapy. Friendly staff, no waiting, what more can you ask for!”

Michelle H.


“I had just finished an eight-month season of umpiring in the Minor Leagues, working over 200 games in this span. My right knee had almost constant pain. Function Physical Therapy was able to get to the root causes of my knee pain and crafted a plan

Brandon M.


“Function Physical Therapy is awesome! They helped me through a hamstring pull only 10 days before OKC Marathon. Got me to the start line and through all 26.2 miles. Could not have done it without them.”

Jon B.


“After a car accident I was involved in, I regularly saw Function Physical Therapy over the course of several months. I cannot speak more highly of their treatment, approach and care that was used in my treatment. I am back to feeling myself now thanks to Function Physical Therapy. “

Stephen K.


“With 30 years of endurance athletics, I have seen scores of physical therapists over the years. Function Physical Therapy is by far the most effective one I’ve ever seen. They were able to diagnose a problem with my leg that has plagued me for the last 15 years.

Tony B.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Function Physical Therapy for the past 9 weeks. My injury originally occurred in 2002, and my training at Function Physical Therapy has uncovered 13 years of asymmetry in my strength and balance. Their “whole body” approach to athletes in rehab mode has redefined PT in my eyes.

Scott C.


” Absolutely the best in Oklahoma! The staff is friendly and helpful and the therapists are the most knowledgeable around. This is a place that wants to see you get better as soon as possible and truly cares about their patients. “

Terry A.


“I really can’t say enough about this clinic. I worked with Function Physical Therapy over a several month period and had great results.

Working with them was a breath of fresh air. The level of one on one attention, custom plan, and most importantly the knowledge / education they

Landon P.